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  Adjust-A-Wing Light Package - HPS 600
Adjust-A-Wing Light Package -  HPS 600  
Adjust-A-Wing Grow Light Package - HPS 600

Click Here For the Adjust-A-Wing Reflector by itself, without a ballast or bulb.

This Grow Light Package includes Ballast, Bulb, Reflector, Socket, Cords - It is ready to plug in and go.

About the Adjust-A-Wing Reflector
Adjust-A-Wings are 97% reflective, GLASS COATED aluminum wings. They are THE MOST efficient reflector available, as they allow you to truly control the light spread of the plants

The light spread can be taken from broad, even light patterns for maximum area coverage and deep foliage penetration, to uniform, concentrated light patterns for use at greater distances above plants. Vertical adjustments to the lampholder provide a method for fine correction.
  • Increase the available growing area.
  • Increase yield per lamp, reduce heat and save power.
About the Lumenator Ballast
The Lumenator is a heavy duty aluminum ballast engineered to run cool and last a long, long time. With a 5 year warranty, this ballast gives piece of mind and excellent performance at an affordable price.

You may choose to upgrade this ballast to either a Lumatek Digital Ballast or to a Quantum Digital Ballast. Click Here For an info sheet about the Lumatek Ballast

Price Includes:
  • Medium Adjust-A-Wing Reflector
  • Adjust-A-Wing Socket
  • Sunsystem Socket Cord
  • 600w Lumenator Ballast
  • Standard 600w HPS or MH Bulb
All ballasts come wired with the Sunlight Supply standard female lamp cord receptacle that accepts their proprietary, patented male lamp cord, making these units compatible with all Sun SystemŽ reflectors.
Product ID: DP-LSAW-H600
Category: No Category
Price:  $429.95
Sale Price: $344.95
Savings: $85.00
Choose a Reflector
Medium Adjust-A-Wing
Choose Your Ballast
Lumenator HPS Ballast - 600 watt
Lumatek Digital Ballast - 120 volt Add $50.00
Lumatek Digital Ballast - 240 volt Add $50.00
Quantum Digital Ballast - 600 watt Add $60.00
Choose Your Bulb
High Output HPS Bulb - 600 watt
GE Lucalux PSL Bulb - 600 watt Add $15.00
EYE Hortilux HPS Bulb - 600 watt Add $30.00
Optional 240 volt Power Cord (Lumenator Only)
No 240 volt Power Cord
Additional 240 volt Power Cord for Lumenator Add $10.00
Optional LightHang Kit
No Hanging Kit
YoYo Light Hanging Kit Add $15.00
Optional Secondary Bulb
No Secondary Bulb
Conversion Bulb - Blue 6500 k - 600 watt Add $40.00
Conversion Bulb - Sunmaster Blue 600 watt Add $85.00
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