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  Light Rail 3.5
Light Rail 3.5  
Light Rail 3.5

This light mover is simple, lightweight and easy to install, it carries reflectors up to 50 pounds . It uses no pulleys, chains, or gears. Simply mount the standard 6' track to the desired area and place the lamp-moving drive motor onto the track. The Light Rail 3.5 is supplied with adjustable switch stops, so lamp travel can be any length you wish.

The Light Rail 3.5 is available in two speeds. The standard 6 rpm motor covers about two feet per minute and makes a 6 foot round trip in 6 minutes. The 10 rpm motor covers about four feet per minute and is especially good for extended light tracks. Both models come standard with the IntelliI-Drive which will pause the light at each end of the run for more balanced growth. The delay is adjustable from 1-60 seconds.

The Light Rial 3.5 includes:
  • 6 foot track
  • Intelli-Drive Motor with time delay
  • End Stops
  • Mounting Hook for one light reflector

  • Lamps and reflector not included
Extend your Light Rail
Three and six foot extensions are available to extend the run of your Light Rail

About the Add-a-Lamp Package
The Add-a-Lamp Package allows you to move 2 lights with one motor. Includes a 6' rail, trolly, and attachment bar.

About Robo-Stick
Takes the guess work out of mounting a H.I.D. lighting system. Mounts securely to the Light Rail 3.5's light movers. Includes a stationary adapter, designed for strength so it can easily accommodate heavy 1000 watt HID lights.
Category: Lighting-Light Movers and Light Stands-Light Movers
Price:  $295.95
Sale Price: $236.76
Savings: $59.19
1. Select One
Light Rail 3.5 w/ 6rpm Intelli Drive Motor
Light Rail 3.5 w/ 10rpm Intelli Drive
2. Want to Extend the Rail?
No Extensions
6' Extension Rail Add $27.96
3. Robo-Stik Lamp Stabilizer
Robo-Stik Lamp Stabilizer Add $31.96
No Robo-Stik
4. Add a Lamp Package
No Add a Lamp
Add a Lamp Package, No Rail Add $23.16
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