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  Lumatek Ballast with Super Sun II - HPS 600
Lumatek Ballast with Super Sun II -  HPS 600  
Lumatek Ballast with Super Sun II - HPS 600

This grow light package includes the Super Sun II Air Cool reflector from Sunlight Supply along with a socket, a Lumatek Ballast and a 600 watt HPS or MH bulb of choice.

The Super Sun II is a professional quality air cool l reflector. Despite it's size, this reflector creates an extremely large area of brightly uniform illumenesence. Constructed of white powder coated steel, it includes a spectral pebble aluminum insert which increases light output by 30%. With built in 6" air cool fittings and built in socket, this is a solid choice for an air cool light.
  • Both sides and ends are angled and lined with a 95% reflective insert.
  • better than average luminescence and uniformity
  • includes built in socket, tempered glass lens and 4" Air Cool Fittings
About the 6000w Lumatek E-Ballast
Lumatek E-Ballasts are the best, most efficient ballasts that we have found on the market. They provide excellent customer support, have an awesome warranty and can run either MH or HPS. Available in 120 volt or 240 volt.

Click Here For an Info Sheet about the Lumatek Ballast

Price Includes:
  • Super Sun II AC Reflector
  • Built in Socket with 15 foot Cord
  • 600w Lumatek Ballast
  • Standard 600w HPS Bulb
All Lumatek™ ballasts come wired with the Sunlight Supply standard female lamp cord receptacle that accepts their proprietary, patented male lamp cord, making these units compatible with all Sun System® reflectors.
Product ID: DP-LMSS2-600
Category: No Category
Price:  $471.95
Sale Price: $321.95
Savings: $150.00
Choose Reflector
Super Sun II Reflector
Choose Your Bulb
High Output HPS Bulb - 600 watt
GE Lucalux PSL Bulb - 600 watt Add $15.00
EYE Hortilux HPS Bulb - 600 watt Add $30.00
Choose Your Ballast
Lumatek Digital Ballast - 120 volt
Lumatek Digital Ballast - 240 volt Add $50.00
Optional Reflector Hanging Kit
No Hanging Kit
YoYo Reflector Hanging Kit Add $15.00
Optional Secondary Bulb
No secondary bulb
Conversion Bulb - Sunmaster Blue 600 watt Add $85.00
Conversion Bulb - Blue 6500 k - 600 watt Add $40.00
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