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  Organicare Nitrex
Organicare Nitrex  
Organicare Nitrex

Organic-Based Nitrogen Supplement
Nitrex is an organic-based, biologically enhanced, highly soluble source of mineral nitrogen that is very effective at delivering usable nitrogen to plants.

Nitrogen is one of the most critical nutrients required for healthy plants. It is mainly responsible for leaf and stem growth and is also essential to the production of enzymes, chlorophyll, and amino acids. Early nitrogen deficiencies can appear as stunned growth, yellowing in the leaves between the veins, purplish-red stems and pronounced veins. In later stages, nitrogen deficient plants may display entirely yellow leaves with a large amount of leaf drop. Nitrex can be used to replenish nitrogen used or lost from frequent watering.

For use in conjunction with preferred foliar spray program. Beneficial for fruits, flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs.

Benefits of using Nitrex:
  • Can be used to replenish depleted nitrogen levels.

  • OMRI listed.

For early to mature vegetative growth 6� or more use 5-7 ml per gallon of water as needed.

Total Nitrogen (N) 6.00%

Derived From:
Chilean nitrate Density:
11.26 lb per gallon
1.35 kg per liter
Category: pH and Nutrient-Additives & Supplements-Metabolic Enhancers
Choose your Nitrex Size
Nitrex, 1 quart $11.96
Nitrex, 1 gallon $31.16
Nitrex, 2.5 gallon $63.96
Nitrex, 5 gallon $119.96
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