David Alexander

Data Analyst

David Alexander is the rock on which the rest of GreenCoast stands perched upon like a majestic falcon. No, wait, David Alexander is the majestic falcon... and GreenCoast is the prairie dog clutched lifelessly in his talons! Wait, no, that doesn't sound good either. *movie trailer voice* In a world where databases are never maintained, there is one man who stands alone against the tide of orphaned records! And that man is David Alexander. After joining the company in 2010, David shined a bright light into the dustiest digital corners of GreenCoast... and found hundreds of thousands of dollars that the company could be saving by liquidating stale inventory, and by otherwise increasing the productivity and efficiency of the company through solid reporting and data analysis. David Alexander doesn't like to pat himself on the back for doing any of this, which is why he has us do it for him.

Data Master




Urban Gardener


Chocolate Lover


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