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CANNA is the Dutch expert and worldwide leader in fertilizer products and growing mediums for rapid growing plants. CANNA’s ready-to-use nutrient formulas are environmentally friendly and easy to use. Even less experienced growers can achieve exceptional results. Each CANNA product has been carefully developed for use on a specific growing medium or method. They make special nutrients for hydroponics, coco based growing media and soil. The secret behind CANNA’s superior quality is found in an optimal balance between trace-elements for each growing medium and fertilizer combination. Since 1985, CANNA has been used as the reference point for research and commercial standards for horticultural purpose nutrients in the Netherlands and abroad. They are actively involved in scientific research and widespread cultivation projects. This research is used to assess bio activity, yield, taste, smell, environmental damage and harmful residues, thus providing higher yields and quality product

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CANNA AQUA VEGA provides for healthy and strong plant growth characterized by vital shoots and luxuriant root development. Full absorption of nutrients from the very beginning of the growth are guaranteed by CANNA AQUA VEGA’s large quantities of nitrogen compounds and high-grade EDDHA iron chelates & trace elements.
CANNA AQUA FLORES is designed for the blooming phase. It is rich in potassium, phosphate and chelated trace elements that can be absorbed directly, guaranteeing a perfect bloom. CANNA AQUA FLORES contains sicilic acids, humic acids & fulvinic acids. An extract of brown algae, amino acids & vitamins, completes the formula.
CANNA COCO NUTRIENT is for use with coco coir or coconut growing media in pots or bags. It contains natural chelates, humic-acids and fulvinic-acids through which the plant can optimally absorb all nutrient. CANNA COCO NUTRIENT is for both vegetative and flowering. Simply increase the amount of cANNA COCO NUTRIENT during the bloom stage and add CANNA PK 13-14 at the onset of flowering.
CANNA CANNAZYM consists of more than 12 different enzymes and is enriched with vitamins and plant extracts. CANNAZYM protect against disease causing molds and facilitates the exchange of nutrients and vitamins with the roots, resulting in improved balance increased absorption capacity. CANNA CANNAZYM accelerates the breakdown of dead roots, turning them into a source of nutrtion for plants.
canna coco grow medium
Canna Coir is made from the refined husks of coconuts and is very airy for an ample supply of oxygen to your plants. When growing with coco media it is highly recommended that you use a coco specific nutrient such as Canna Coco.
Boost Accelerator is CANNA’s powerful flowering stimulator. Developed for fast growing plants, it improves quality and increases yields. Boost Accelerator stimulates development of newly formed flowers, resulting in fuller fruits
Rhizotonic is a vegetable-based root stimulator with sea algae root preparation for plants of which the first roots are already visible. Rhizotonic stimulates root development, increases the resistance against diseases and improves the interior and exterior quality of the plant.
CANNA PK 13-14
Fast growing and/or blooming plants need additional Phosphate (P) and Potassium (K). CANNA PK 13-14 stimulates floral development during the blooming phase, providing exuberant flowers and larger yields.CANNA PK 13-14 is a pure, high quality phosphorous-potassium compound, which works rapidly and is immediately available to the plant.
Biocanna biovega
Natural organic plant food for growing plants in compost based potting mixes or mineral soils, in containers or in the garden, BIOCANNA liquid fertilizers are produced organically from fermented plant components.
biocanna biovega
.Bio Flores is a natural organic plant food for flowering plants in compost based potting mixes or mineral soils, in containers or in the garden. BIOCANNA liquid fertilizers are produced organically from fermented plant compounds.
BioBOOST is made of naturally fermented plant extracts. It is derived from plants using a special fermentation process. BioBOOST is not a nutrient but a metabolism stimulator
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