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Drip systems are the most widely used hydroponic system in the world. They are commonly used in commercial facilities for growing long term crops like tomatoes and peppers. It works just like a drip irrigation system in your yard. Nutrient solution is dripped onto the base of each plant where it trickles down. More
These hydroponic systems allow for high density planting while providing a well oxygenated root system. Plants are grown in pots sitting in a grow tray which is regularly flooded with nutrient solution. This is the easiest hydroponic system available, and because of its simplicity and effectivenesst is good for beginners and pros alike. More
Aeroponics is an exciting improvement on hydroponics that can greatly increase yields ! The roots of growing plants are suspended in air and are misted by high pressure sprayers. The sprayers break the nutrient into small particles and saturate the roots allowing for 99% nutrient absorption and promoting explosive growth. More
Grow Boxes & Machines
These hydroponic systems are built to cover all your hydro needs in one complete unit. Currently we have the Dark Room Series from Secret Jardin, these are highly specialized grow tents.
These hydroponic systems are built specifically for young plants. By maximizing oxygen available to roots, these hydroponic systems provide the perfect environment for rooting cuttings. These hydroponic systems machines will nourish young plants until they are ready for transplant, although some of the hydroponic systems are capable of growing plants to maturity.
These hydroponic systems are for those gardeners who wish for a hydroponic garden, but have little space to in which to fulfill their dreams. Long and narrow, thse hydroponic systems are great in a small laundry room, a closet, or set up on a deck. These hydroponic systems may be small, but they are powerhouses that can provide you with fantastic results.
Here you will find everything you need to maintain, improve, expand or build a hydroponic system. If you are looking for 'parts' for your hydroponic system, you'll most likely find them here.
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