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- ebb & flow advanced starter set

Package System II - Ebb & Flow
Advanced Starter


This is our Advanced Starter ebb and flow system for the beginning or intermediate grower. Simple to set up and use, it is almost ready to go right out of the box, however we have included numerous upgrade options to allow for complete customization. Please note, no reservoir or table frame is included with this package. These items can add heavily to the price of a system and can be compensated for by a trip to the hardware store. This is an excellent production system.


Package System II Includes:

  • Sun System X EconoGro HPS Light~ 400 watt w/Maximizer Reflector
  • 3x3 American Hydroponic Grow Tray
  • (9) one-gallon pots
  • Ebb & Flow Fittings
  • PE-1 Pump
  • Set Flora Series Nutrient~ Gallons of each FloraGro,Flora Bloom, FloraMicro
  • Sharp TDS Tester
  • Set pH up & Down - Quarts
  • Ph Shaker Tester
  • Hydroton Rocks - 50 Ltr Bag
  • (50) Rockwool Cubes - 2-inch
  • (2) Grounded Multi-Pin Timers
Numerous options and upgrades to choose from
The difference in our Package Systems is in the way we allow you to customize. The upgrade options for this ebb and flow package include upgrading to a larger tray; choosing the number of pots to grow with; it also allows for adding a small vent fan and thermostat for environmental control. It comes standard with a Sharp TDS tester but it may be upgraded to include a Gro-Check Dual Combo Meter for continuous TDS and pH testing. Also included is the option of adding the Mineral Magic Additives line. The lighting system may be upgraded as well.

About Sun System X EconoGro
This sturdy lighting system possesses many of the same features as the more expensive Sun Systems and it offers them at a very affordable budget price. It comes with the Maximizer Reflector, which weighs only 4 lbs and measures 21" x 17". Available with either spectral pebble or bright white lining inside.
Click here to learn about the Sunlight Supply Warranty.

Click on the help links below to learn more about various upgrades GreenCoast Recommendations are in Orange
Product ID: PKG-2EB
Category: Package Systems-Economy-Package System II
Price: $514.95
This package system will ship by UPS ground only.
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3x3 Tray w/ 9 two-gallon pots
3x3 Tray w/ 36 pots + extra bag of rocks (add $25.00)
4x4 Tray w/ 16 two-gallon pots + extra bag rocks (add $70.00)
4x4 Tray w/ 64 small pots + extra bag of rocks (add $62.00)

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Sun System X 400 watt HPS w/Maximizer Reflector
Sun System X 400 watt HPS w/Maximizer & Reflective Insert (add $15.00) GreenCoast Recommends
Sun System X 1000 watt w/Maximizer & Reflective Insert (add $115.00)
Sun System I 1000 watt w/Maximizer & Reflective Insert (add $200.00)
Sun System I 600 watt w/Maximizer & Reflective Insert (add $185.00)

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Standard HPS Bulb
EYE Hortilux HPS Bulb (add $30.00)
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General Hydroponic Flora Series Trio - Gallons
General Hydroponic Flora Series + Mineral Magic (add $27.00)
Super A&B, Final Flush & Monster Bloom (add $9.00) GreenCoast Recommends

  Nutrient Monitoring    
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pH Shaker Tester + Sharp TDS Meter
Replace pH Shaker w/ Sharp pH Meter (add $46.00)
Exchange pH & TDS for GroCheck Dual Combo Meter (add $80.00)

  Venting (optional)    
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No Vent Fan
265 CFM Active Air Vent Fan (add $80.00) Fresh Air Flow Helps!
265 CFM Active Air Vent Fan + Multi-Pin Timer (add $99.00)
265 CFM Active Air Vent Fan with Tempstat (add $139.00)
265 CFM Active Air vent fan with CT-DH-3 (add $237.00)

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