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Sun SystemŽ X HPS EconoGro 400 watt
  The new Sun SystemŽ X, also known as the Econo Gro is an economic powerhouse! If you are looking for an inexpensive yet durable and well made lighting system, look no further. This sturdy lighting system possesses many of the same features as the more expensive Sun Systems and it offers them at a very affordable budget price.

This lighting system comes with a bright white powder coated ballast. Made of cast aluminum, the ballast has built in louvers for cooling. The ballast has been outfitted with rubber feet for noise and vibration reduction. It also comes with an eight foot grounded power cord and a 15 foot detachable lamp cord.

Sunlight Supply does not manufacture this ballast, instead they import it as a finished item. As manufacturers themselves, they are in a good position to evaluate the quality of the ballast and are impressed by the attention to detail it offers. Sunlight Supply stands behind this product, offering a two-year rebuild or replacement warranty. (shipping included.) Any necessary repairs will be performed in their factory.
Comes standard with EconoWing Reflector
The EconoWing is a very inexpensive method of reflecting light to your plants. It has a heavy duty galvanized steel mounting bracket, round corners and is made of high quality reflective textured aluminum. It includes chrome V hangers for hanging. It does not except glass nor is it adaptable to air cooling.

Two Year Rebuild or Replace Warranty
Click here to learn more about the Sunlight Supply Warranty.
Product ID: SXH-H40
Category: Lighting-Sun Systems-Sun System X MH EconoGro-Horizontal
Price: $246.95
Sale Price: $199.95
Savings: $47.00
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EconoWing Reflector (not capable of air cooling)
SunGro Reflector (add $55.00)
Super Sun Reflector (add $60.00)
Super Sun 2 Air Cool Reflector (add $95.00) (Includes Glass Lens & Built-in 6" Air Cool Fittings)
Cool Sun AC Reflector (add $105.00) (Includes Glass Lens & Built-in 6" Air Cool Fittings)
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Standard HPS Bulb - 400 watt
EYE Hortilux Bulb - 400 watt (add $40.00)

  Select System Wiring    
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120 Volt System
240 Volt System (add $5.00)

Air Cooling for the Super Sun and Sun Gro Hoods  
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No Air Cooling (Please note Cool Sun, Super Sun 2 & EconoCool come standard w/ glass & fittings - no need to add)
Super Sun Lens (add $15.00)
Super Sun 4" Air Cool Fittings - Pair (add $19.00)
Super Sun 4' Air Cool Fittings + Glass Lens (add $34.00)
SunGro Lens (add $17.00)
SunGro 4" Air Cool Fittings - Pair (add $14.00)
SunGro 4" Air Cool Fittings + Glass Lens- (add $31.00)
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