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Indoor Grow Lights
- Sun Systems

Sun System ® I
Premium Grow Light
$199.95 - $424.95
The Sun SystemŽ I grow light is the most versatile of Sunlight Supply's sealed aluminum housing ballasts. Designed to give years of trouble-free gardening, the Sun System I grow light has a spectacularly wide range of reflectors to choose from. More
Sun System ®VI Grow Light
Switchable between MH & HPS
$264.95 - $439.95
The Sun System® VI is a switchable grow light capable of running either a Metal Halide or a High Pressure Sodium lamp. Available in 400 and 1000 watt sizes, this grow light allows a grower to maximize a given spectrum depending on season. More
Sun System® X EconoGro
Economy Grow Light
$155.95 - $376.95
This sturdy grow light possesses many of the same features as the more expensive Sun Systems and it offers them at affordable budget prices. It is extra affordable with the EconoWing Reflector, pictured. More
Sun System® V Econo Mini
Extra Budget Grow Light
These lights are very inexpensive and come with a two year warranty. The ballast is enclosed in the reflector housing, which makes them simple to hang (fewer wires) if a little heavy. Completely Assembled...Easy to Use! Simply hang and Grow.

Sun System® II Mini
250 watt Enclosed Ballast Mini Lights

$174.95 - $221.95
Sun System® II grow light is a complete lighting system in which the reflector and ballast are integrated in the same metal housing. Available as either a a 250 watt MH or HPS grow light. This system is simple, affordable, and effective. More
Sun System® IV Micro Mini
150 watt MH or175 watt HPS
This small grow light fixture is perfect for small garden areas, seedling starts or for growers on a budget. Great for orchids, herbs or seed starting. It uses only 100 watts of power, while still delivering HID light. Available as HPS or MH grow light.
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