GreenCoast has raised funds necessary for the completion of 4 fresh water wells in impoverished nations.


GreenCoast Hydroponics’ biggest charitable endeavor to date: for every $6,000 raised, a well is built in an area that is lacking access to clean water.

Clean water is the most essential ingredient for sustainable life, yet more than 663 million people around the world lack access to a safe water source. That is why GreenCoast has partnered with Charity:Water to build community-owned water projects in developing nations, matching every customer donation dollar for dollar. So far, we have sponsored six wells and brought clean, safe water to 1,7000 individuals in Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and India. Our most recent project provided 579 high school students the Chittagong Region of Bangladesh with clean, safe water - and as a result, more time for their education.

GreenCoast employees dedicate their free time to cleaning up Southern California beaches.

Beach Cleanup

A monthly visit to the beach by the GreenCoast Green Team means thorough litter clean up.

Starting with Los Alamitos beach, the GreenCoast Green Team will be making appearances at local beaches around their stores. Volunteers welcome.

GreenCoast operates eco-conscious stores which limit their use of electricity.

GC Keeps It Green

What GreenCoast has done to “Green The Coast”

GreenCoast uses energy efficient T-8 Bubs on photocells throughout our shops. All our store lighting is set on motion sensors to keep electricity use even lower. We provide in-store recycling for our customers. Bring in your old bulbs and we will recycle them for you! Although we offer compostable corn based cups for drinking water, we encourage using Klean Kanteens to limit further waste and keep yourself hydrated.

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