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If your commercial grow system is planned at 10 lights or higher, send an e-mail to or call 562-684-2001 with your light quantity and budget information ready to schedule a pre-consultation call with our CAD Engineer.
Our decades of experience give us the insight necessary to design a grow optimized just for you.


Using our short pre-consulting interview and a more in-depth call following acceptance, we find out who you are as a grower and the specifics of your job. We start by asking what you want out of the Grow and what you expect. This step is designed to discover as much about you and your goals in an effort to offer you a tailored grow plan unique to you. Grow Spaces and environments can be atypical and we specialize in coming up with the most efficient designs, taking into consideration all the specifics that need to be addressed.
Our decades of experience give us the insight necessary to design a grow optimized just for you.


After we find out what you want as the client, we analyze the information and provide you with client-specific and tailored recommendations for you to look over. We offer explanations into the design and strive to offer you a result that is both efficient and reliable. This is where the nitty gritty questions are asked.
Our in-house CAD designer will plot out every nook and cranny of your grow space.

cad design / blueprints

After gathering the data from the first two steps, we then take this information to our create high-definition, 3D blueprints. Everything is modeled out during this step, as well. Our blueprints include in-depth and up-close models of every aspect of the Grow Space (Veg, Bloom, Reservoir Tanks, Irrigation, Drainage, Reverse Osmosis, and even Electrical) to give you a real feel of the set up before we start to get the ball rolling.
Brekke Moore, our head of purchasing, will personally supervise the ordering for your space.


We provide close monitoring of your entire order and make sure every single piece of equipment you paid for lands at your address of choice. Please ask us about our discreet shipping options. Because of our high standard of care, we provide expert support on every aspect of the Grow during business hours. Our goal is to ensure that you are up to date as the client and provide as much customer service as possible.
We're with you every step of the way, making sure you reap the benefits of our expertise.


After your space is set up, checked and confirmed to be up and running, we provide a follow-up service used to discuss any post-set up grow issues that might have arisen. We offer advice on how to maintain the system you purchased. We provide solutions to problems that have occurred and might occur in the future. If you have any questions, ask as many as you need. We are here to help and we guarantee that by the time you reach this step in the process, you will know your system through and through.

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