GreenCoast Culture

GreenCoast isn’t just a store. It’s a culture. It’s a family. We are very proud of what we have built, starting as an idea based on one notion: “Great Growing and Great Customer Service do not have to be mutually exclusive.” When we opened up our first store, we wanted a community center based on learning the craft of growing plants with the newest tools and technologies. We wanted to create an environment where customers, no matter how much they are spending, feel not only welcomed but like they belong. We wanted to expand and share our ideas. We wanted a family. We feel that anyone who shops or works at a GreenCoast is family and we take care of our family. Our customer appreciation parties and rallies offer a fun event for customers to enjoy deep discounts, free merchandise, good food and good music. We want every customer to feel happy, content and satisfied with every aspect of our great company.

The first store that opened in Southern California was the Long Beach shop. Originally situated at the end of a tiny strip mall, it soon became apparent that we needed a bigger space. That is when our current Long Beach location on Mira Mar Avenue was chosen. The idea was that this flagship store would become a community staple and a beacon of accurate, easy-to-obtain knowledge about every aspect of growing. We could not stop there though. We needed to affect change in a global way. Our Charity Water donations have built 2 wells so far, and we are well on our way to obtaining a 3rd and 4th. These wells are built in Africa where fresh water is not readily available. We also contribute locally to schools in Long Beach and Santa Barbara. In addition, every ballast sold means one tree is planted or replanted on damaged land. A huge aspect of the GreenCoast culture is the idea of “giving back.”

With all that being said, GreenCoast is about hard work.

Hard work is then benefited with high time to play.