The beginning of our Professional Services relationship is a fact-finding mission. What is your goal? Bigger Yield? Denser Fruit? Why are you growing? These questions are important because they decide what approach we are going to take initially.

we need to know things such as:

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Grow Space

How big of a space do you have to work with?
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What type of lights and bulbs do you want to use?
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Types of Cooling

Air Cooled lights or Air Conditioning?
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How many Amps are available for electrical?
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How much can you spend?
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Expert advice regarding the nutrient regimen you have planned out.
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Where is your water source? Where can you drain?
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Room Design

Bloom and Veg in the same room or separate spaces?
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Layout of Space

Where is the main entrance? Is there a loading dock for large equipment?


We've now analyzed your data from the first step and have a set of recommendations and suggestions that are unique to you as a grower.