Kristin Kunkle


Often found sitting across from Jessica Weiss in the break room, intensely discussing accounting issues (which sounds to anyone listening in like "Blah numbers blah blah numbers blah numbers blah"), Kristin Kunkle is the one-woman accounting powerhouse that handles GreenCoast's entire Accounting Department by herself. It's her knack for cutting costs that led to her taking over the entire accounting department just two years after being hired (first major cost saving measure: got rid of the other two accountants, she didn't need 'em!). The true embodiment of "work hard, play hard", Kristin uses her non-accounting time to help out with the GreenCoast Party Planning Committee—which she tackles with great enthusiasm (both in the planning, and in the partying), resulting in several totally awesome company parties so far.

Beach Bum


Hard Worker


Party Planner


Urban Gardener


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